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No spoilers. Promise

Someone said there could be a Game of Thrones movie after the show ends.
Just like Sex and the City.
Who do I have to extort to make this happen?

Dragon in the City: Hatchlings in Manhattan.

He has his own Broadway show. Tippety-tap.
This is why I'm never in charge of anything important.

Video and Stuff

So it's been 6 years since Kyria died, and 5 years since Pat went.

I am so depressed along with all the political stuff I just can't. I'm so tired all the time.

I'm trying to do videos twice a week for youtube even though I'm not posting them yet. I'm trying to get comfortable in front of the camera, but it's pretty hard.

Graham Norton said the audience doesn't care if you're having a bad day, and it's true, so I'm trying to gun through it and see what happens.

Today I read the first 3 chapters of Vanity Fair and OMG so many characters just made up and tossed. The prose is genius at times and WTF at others.

There's a literal note at the end of one paragraph telling his editor he knew the paragraph was sappy and to keep his mitts off it.



I know everyone in the fandom is all spread out now, but I'm looking for someone to make a clip art coat of arms into something that looks good. He's just looking for the shield on a black page and I think it needs dimention.

It is for the cover of a family-written fantasy book. They are not expecting to sell copies.

Payment and contract negotiable.



LJ wants to charge me $25 for another year and I'm just not into doing that for a site thats so hard to manuver and has been translated to Russian as its default. I want to go to dreamwidth. Is everyone on DW as their alternate? I still want to keep people, but seeing the names slowly get crossed off my flist and comms dying is so depressing.

Old Things

I really wish there was a program to download my journal and comments. I feel like Facebook is taking over, and I have for a while. I use it in the same way I used my LJ. Especially with Star Trek starting again.

God, it's so weird not using screennames, though. That still gets me.

Discovery was pretty good. We kind of looked at each other during the previews for Ep. 3. We have no idea what everyone's problem is. The captain was the one that screwed the pooch.

Albino Klingon is rather 'interesting' except for the burning thing. Dude, self-harm is not a religion if you're the one that made it up. No wonder you're the only follower. Sheesh. Get it together, kid.