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This is the journal of Teshara.
It has been locked down to friends only. :P
Drop a line if you want me to friend you.
No, I don't mind if you pester me about unfinished fics.

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No spoilers. Promise

Someone said there could be a Game of Thrones movie after the show ends.
Just like Sex and the City.
Who do I have to extort to make this happen?

Dragon in the City: Hatchlings in Manhattan.

He has his own Broadway show. Tippety-tap.
This is why I'm never in charge of anything important.

Cute Boys

Why yes, the background of my computer is BTS sorted into their official houses.


Video and Stuff

So it's been 6 years since Kyria died, and 5 years since Pat went.

I am so depressed along with all the political stuff I just can't. I'm so tired all the time.

I'm trying to do videos twice a week for youtube even though I'm not posting them yet. I'm trying to get comfortable in front of the camera, but it's pretty hard.

Graham Norton said the audience doesn't care if you're having a bad day, and it's true, so I'm trying to gun through it and see what happens.

Today I read the first 3 chapters of Vanity Fair and OMG so many characters just made up and tossed. The prose is genius at times and WTF at others.

There's a literal note at the end of one paragraph telling his editor he knew the paragraph was sappy and to keep his mitts off it.


I know everyone in the fandom is all spread out now, but I'm looking for someone to make a clip art coat of arms into something that looks good. He's just looking for the shield on a black page and I think it needs dimention.

It is for the cover of a family-written fantasy book. They are not expecting to sell copies.

Payment and contract negotiable.



LJ wants to charge me $25 for another year and I'm just not into doing that for a site thats so hard to manuver and has been translated to Russian as its default. I want to go to dreamwidth. Is everyone on DW as their alternate? I still want to keep people, but seeing the names slowly get crossed off my flist and comms dying is so depressing.

Old Things

I really wish there was a program to download my journal and comments. I feel like Facebook is taking over, and I have for a while. I use it in the same way I used my LJ. Especially with Star Trek starting again.

God, it's so weird not using screennames, though. That still gets me.

Discovery was pretty good. We kind of looked at each other during the previews for Ep. 3. We have no idea what everyone's problem is. The captain was the one that screwed the pooch.

Albino Klingon is rather 'interesting' except for the burning thing. Dude, self-harm is not a religion if you're the one that made it up. No wonder you're the only follower. Sheesh. Get it together, kid.


I think I finally might be moving over to dreamwidth. I'm still teshara over there. :(

ok, so I am in officially the worst mental state I've been in in years and omg the ideas for writing are flying.

To sum up:

bad root canal
3 days of violent puking
painkillers that didnt work
another tenant abandoned a cat (shes at our house and Toby is NOT pleased)
our house is a split election and it's getting muddy in here. I mean, I'm surprised its only happening in the last couple days, but still. Time out until the tooth is better. Jeez.
I found out my mom went into cardiac failure in August and no one told us because they thought we were on vacation and didnt want to worry us. She was there for a week. WE WERE HOME!!!
It's how Pat died. I'm a fucking mess I cussed a blue streak up and down at my mom.
I'd think I was going to hell if I didnt realize afterwards that I was channeling grandpa. woah. I didn't even know that was in there.
My bio mom went all softie last night and dumped everything I was thinking out of my head because she's good at that and I cried a lot. I was on skype for 4 hours wailing away about my tooth and mom.

So today I talk to dentist again and they send me to the ER, but we went to immediate care instead. I get drugs. I get an IV. I get a container of applesauce.

My blood pressure is through the roof.

I haven't written seriously in months.

And I get a vision that one of my sirens wasnt kissed by a siren, but a water wyvern and can harness the power of the Dragons Daughter complete with whipping tail, giant wings, claws, and teeth, and a golden crown of bone that sprouts from the crown of her head.

Apparently I suck at writing unless I'm a complete spaz.

Good to know.

In London. Saw Cursed Child pt 1. Next day, saw pt one and 2. Today we're turning in our tickets.
I can't deal with pt 2 again and... um.... I was almost thrown out of the theater.
Apparently they're vehimently against.... knitting. In the back row. In the dark.
The drunk people were fine. The freaking out noisy teenagers were fine. The heavy cellophane bags of crunchy popcorn are fine. The people going at it like 2 eels in a disco were fine, but knitting is OUT.

But besides that. I love Scorpius Malfoy. I want to kiss his little face. MUAH!!

Jul. 9th, 2016

God, Pat I miss you. I miss you so fucking much. I miss your hands and the way they'd make me feel better when I was sad. The way I'd feel protected with your arms around me.
I miss your smile and the way you'd toss your head back and laugh when I was wicked.
I miss your pretty red hairs.

Jul. 6th, 2016

In response to whether Snape was a romantic hero or an obsessive psychopath:

Snape and Evans were inseparable, then they got in a fight and he stayed outside the common room until she came out.

Do you think the Slytherins didn't notice? That he was literally groveling at the Gryffindor Dorms and crying his eyes out to apologise to a girl he called a mudblood? You think the Marauders didn't notice?

He completely humiliated himself in front of the entire school, to be told to go away.
And then he did. No questions. No contact.

That was their 5th year.

5 years later Snape hears Lily's name and asks the Dark Lord to spare her. He does not. He asks Dumbledore to save her. He does not. He sobs over her body because they never had a chance to grow up and make up, like people do.

Maybe not this generation, but certainly in mine and definitely in the ones before mine. At some point around 20 you look around at all the people you know and wonder who you're going to be around in old age. Then you realize it's probably the crabby guy in the corner, knowing your luck, and you just kind of surrender, and so do they. By the time you hit 50 you're punching each other in the shoulder over it and shocking your grandchildren with the story.
So, Snape's fate is sealed. There is nothing else left of his childhood to draw upon. But he does make a vow to protect Harry.

Then Harry shows up looking like James, who Snape blames for getting Lily knocked up and putting her in this position to begin with and he snaps.

Do I think Snape was in love with Lily at the end of the books?

Honestly, I don't think so. I think he had a deep loyalty that is absolutely love, but in the same way that if I heard something happened to any of the kids I grew up with were killed and their child needed protecting. Even for the people I thought were awful.

However if that child looked like their parent did at that age and had some of the same tendencies I'd be sitting on my hands so I wasn't continuously slapping them on the back of the head.

And I don't think she was the last person, or only person, Snape ever loved. I think he chose to repress those feelings whenever they came up so no one near him would ever have their safety compromised. I also think he got 'flashback' love when he had to deal with Harry and his eyes every day, but I doubt it was a real thing. And I do honestly think Harry was triggering flashbacks.

People act like he's some giant romantic hero, or some obsessed psycho, but I don't think he was any of these. He's like a seriously flawed knight that manages to do one good thing before he's killed, and manages to tell some kid his life story as a cautionary tale.
I also think the doe thing was out of guilt, not love.

And when Snape broke into Harry's mind he didn't sneer or lord over him. He knew who Petunia was. When he saw her laughing as Harry was terrified and run up a tree the first thing he did was ask Harry who the owner of the dog was. I think it truly shocked him.
Bill Cunningham is dead.

I feel like everything beautiful in the world is dying.


Happy Father's Day Pat.
Will misses you.


I factory reset my laptop today.

Which means I'm reinstalling everything.

Happy birthday to me! (I'm pretending it's a new computer :)


Going to England!

We'll be in Canterbury, Oxford, and London.
Tell me were to go. Steal me away from the boys.
Bitch me out about Marriage Law.
Late July-early Sept!


At Kaminaricon

More merchants than attendents. Have 1 sale after reducing everything 50%. It's not just us, which makes me feel better.

But, no food. No drinks. Just JC vending machines. Ug.

Writing, writing...

OK, so I'm trying to get my shit together. My head will always be scrambled but I can finish all of my writing and clean the damn house.

The deal is I'm writing originals now, and they're as wide and varied as my fanfics. They do come with a hard dose of guilt. I don't think I can really concentrate my time on originals when I know I have some seriously unfinished business. I'm trying, and the book I'm writing for Mark is kind of like Harry Potter meets Game of Thrones. It was based off a D&D game I never witnessed and I was given liberties.

Which is how a member of the Tea Party ended up supporting and financing a book where one of the first characters you meet is transgender/gender ambiguous in a strongly gendered society, and one of the most likable characters reminds me strongly of Adam in Pricilla Queen of the Desert, he is Amazing, and he looks like David Bowie. Another is a womanizer who is like, the worst player in the history of the planet and is constantly avoiding angry girls. There are child prodigies, and magic, and sirens, and demons, and midwifery and I'm loving all of these people and their city so much. Mark is kind of boggling at my world building.

I was a meticulous DM. That's all I'm going to say about that. Right now I'm all 'hmmm... I wonder how the economy works in a city that's the trade hub of the world.'

But I shouldn't. I should be writing my story.

But I feel guilty about writing my story when I have unfinished fanfics.

Movie: Risen

So, Mark's super-religious mom wanted all of us to go see Risen. It was her Easter present. Tom Felton was in it playing Lucius. I'm in.

The whole theater was filled with elderly, serious-looking people.

Movie starts. Its a guy telling a tavern keeper how the eff he got there. So the story starts.

Poor Tribute goes through nearly the whole thing with a split lip. I'm not sure it was necissary.

In comes Tom. Introduced as Lucius. Says he's in the position because the guy in charge knows his father.

I may have started giggling.

Crucifixion wasn't dramatic and over the top. Still winced a lot. Mark was horrified at primitive body disposal. Was even more horrified at exhumation. I asked him what else they were supposed to do, genuinely bewildered.

Sometimes it freaks out my husband that I scream for him when I see a scary unidentified bug, but I'm ok with this because you know what to expect.

Anyway, Jewish leaders show up. I'm sure it was how they dressed at the time, but did EVERY single native person that wasn't a disciple have to have a giant, hooked honker? Like, EVERY last person? I started wondering if they were prosthetics.

For the record, I like noses like that and have a nose fetish, so when these guys showed up I was so distracted I have NO idea what went on in scenes with them.

It's not my fault. I'm wired that way. I even love bushy eyebrows.

So, eventually, they find Bartholomew, who is like the HOTTEST hottie that has ever hotted. It was ridiculous. I was not the only woman in that theater that perked up, we were in the back, I saw everyone sit up.

Mary Magdaline is adorable. That's when the men sat up LOL!

So, they find all of the disciples and Jesus and all of them are preposterously good-looking. Like Peter Jackson Dwarf Level Unexpectedly Hot. I start giggling again.

Jesus fades. Everyone freaks out. They claim he does this from time to time and not to freak. It's time to take a hike to the beach.

Mary Magdaline is all like: "Bye, bye, boys! Have fun storming the castle!" and they never give a reason why she's staying put. It makes no sense.

Tribute says, you know what? I think I'm in. Tries to stay out of their way, but won't put his sword down because he thinks they're at risk. Simon sneaks up behind him in the dark and gets stuck and wonders why it happened.


Everyone agreed Simon was asking for it, and what did he expect if he didn't expend the intelligence God gave a mosquito?

So, the boys are hungry and they get to the beach. There's a boat there.
"Let's fish!" They cry. They they totally take off in this boat.

I look at Mark. "Did they just hijack that boat?"

"One of these guys has a family fishing business here and it's one of their boats."

"But, they don't say that!"

I sit on that for a minute. I turn to Marks mom.

"Did they just hijack that boat?"

"Buncha crooks!"

We both start giggling. I'm sure everyone was scandalized because they hadn't gotten any fish yet and were kind of starving. Then Jesus does a fishy drive-by and everyone is happy again. (These are a terribly cheerful group of guys!)

He hangs out for a few days, preforms a miracle, and everyone is temporarily out of everyone else's hair when Mr. Fancy Boat comes to visit, so everyone is happy.

It wasn't painful. It wasn't preachy. It wasn't gilded history. Everyone acted like real people. It wasn't dramatic.

Seriously, of all of the stupid religious movies I've had to watch, this one didn't bug the shit out of me.

I wouldn't mind seeing the further adventures of the the Disciples. I imagine it being very hobbity. They really were all cute and terribly enthusiastic.


I have a recurring dream about war and protecting my family who wont listen to orders. It's always out at Grandmas house. I've had them for years.

So, when a dream starts out at grandmas house I pretty much go straight for the guns because I know what's coming and it's time to get shit in gear.


I was very confused in my dream. This is not the standard plan. We're under attack. Grandmas is home base. We need to reinforce and prepare for battle.

"Not today love," he says. "Come sit with me."

And I slid into my grandmothers breakfast nook next to Ziggy Stardust as he talked to me gently about how to pilot grandmas house, because it wasn't a fort. It was a spaceship.

And I'm still weepy about it because I haven't had a zombie dream since and he was so terribly gentle and patient and in my dream I loved him so.

I know what Kyria would have made of this.

Gods, I miss her so much sometimes it hurts.

Severus Snape 2016 Goodbye P

This was written the day Alan died and LJ is saying I never posted it.

I'm sitting here crying like a maniac and have been since the 10th. Like I wasn't a complete wreck over Bowie. I've been completely useless this week.

And here I am, 12 years later, going back to DJing because there's nothing left of me to give.

So here's my playlist for Snape because I can't do anything else:

1. Severus and Stone:
Don't cry for me, I'm where I'm supposed to be...

2. The Scientist:
No one said it was easy, no one said it would be that hard...

3. Love Me Like You Do:
Let me take you past our satellites, you can see the world you brought to life

4. Easy Heaven (The Cure Vs. the Commodores):
Show me how you do it, and I promise you, I'll run away with you

5. The Man Who Sold the World:
He said I was his friend, which came as some surprise, I spoke into his eyes, I thought you died alone, a long long time ago

6. You be the Vampire and I'll be the Werewolf:
you be the vampire I'll be the werewolf and we'll be together always

7. Her Melancholy Muse
She hears the call and can't refuse, her melancholy muse

8. Beggin' for Thread
strapped down to something you don't understand, don't know what you were getting yourself into, you should have known, secretly I think you knew

9. Sound of Silence
In restless dreams I walked alone, narrow streets of cobblestone

10. The End of an Era
Don't you ever wonder what will happen when it ends, how can we let go of the ones we call friends

Severus Snape 2016 Goodbye P

I'm sitting here crying like a maniac and have been since the 10th. Like I wasn't a complete wreck over Bowie. I've been completely useless this week.

And here I am, 12 years later, going back to DJing because there's nothing left of me to give.

So here's my playlist for Snape because I can't do anything else:

1. Severus and Stone:
Don't cry for me, I'm where I'm supposed to be...

2. The Scientist:
No one said it was easy, no one said it would be that hard...

3. Love Me Like You Do:
Let me take you past our satellites, you can see the world you brought to life

4. Easy Heaven (The Cure Vs. the Commodores):
Show me how you do it, and I promise you, I'll run away with you

5. The Man Who Sold the World:
He said I was his friend, which came as some surprise, I spoke into his eyes, I thought you died alone, a long long time ago

6. You be the Vampire and I'll be the Werewolf:
you be the vampire I'll be the werewolf and we'll be together always

7. Her Melancholy Muse
She hears the call and can't refuse, her melancholy muse

8. Beggin' for Thread
strapped down to something you don't understand, don't know what you were getting yourself into, you should have known, secretly I think you knew

9. Sound of Silence
In restless dreams I walked alone, narrow streets of cobblestone

10. The End of an Era
Don't you ever wonder what will happen when it ends, how can we let go of the ones we call friends

So, I wrote a bit of poetry for a Bowie tribute.

I need concrit.


Also, I took the poem Funeral Blues and changed the words. I say it's transformative work and credit is given.

Mark says if you change the words in a poem, even if it has the same cadence, it's original work. I don't believe I changed enough to call it original, but I think a discussion on where the line is drawn for that type of thing would be very interesting, so go ahead.

I was thinking about why I didn't really like Star Wars, and the deal was, it was episode 5 and I despised prequels. Nothing was explained, and I couldn't understand how the eff a monarchy was supposed to work in space when it was obvious the princess had less power than a grasshopper and there were no rulers above her. Princess of what? Nothing, that's what.

When I was older my first experience with the fandom was a friend that had a crush on me writing me as a self-insert Mary-Sue into his fanfic. It started with a shower scene. No joke.

I will make allowances for Ewoks because they are secretly Guernevillians (From guerneville, in Ca.) and Warwick Davis is Wickett. I saw him in his costume with his head off on the Making of Return of the Jedi on TV and lost my mind. All those lovely red curls.

So, I will probably see a pirated version of the movie this weekend because I can't do the theaters at the best of times, let alone when it's going to be that crazypants insane. I'm sure Mark will tell me all about it.

But I will say, I love Leia and her outfit. Now she looks like a bloody rebel princess. I bet she outshoots Han. I bet it turns him on.

Uh oh.

You know, this is how the Harry Potter thing got started...


If you join a fest remember to watch the damn thing, Tesh. Sheesh.

My awesome gift was posted:

7000+ words
Summary: Fifty years ago, during the Great Battle of Hogwarts, the body of Severus Snape went missing. It's time for the children to hear the story of what really happened.

Modern fairy tale. Weepy. Amazingness.


I went to the mall and pretty much bought stuff for me. Total fail.

However, I do have super-cute sweater and new underwear to show for it. Also a bag from Sephora that I'm not talking about.

I did find the perfect presents for Mark and his brothers. I told Mark about it just so he can be prepared. He's already plotting. I'm already regretting it. It must be perfect.

I got them actual wood and rubber slingshots with a leather pocket for whatever.

I told him I'm taking them away if they break anything or upset their mother.

My boys are 49,46, and 43.

Pray for me.

What the Everloving FUCK?!?!?!?!?!

So me and Mark went to a house showing on Thursday. Got there, house had been burgled by previous tenants. They broke pipes in the basement and tried to flood the house, but it all went down a drain. We knew that.

Today I go by and the handyman's there and I talk to him and he starts telling me how lucky we were. I'm totally confused.

Turns out they broke the gas main and tried to rig it up so the house would explode. When we turned on the lights it was supposed to make a spark and we're supposed to be dead.

I am so upset and angry and want to hunt these people down, but Mark has reminded me that tribal warfare has been outlawed and if I go full valkyrie I'd probably get arrested.

I say this will out the perps and get them in the news for what they did so everyone will know, we have no children to embarrass, and I'm really ready to sucker punch some asshat.

So angry I cussed everyone that I possibly could and get away with it. I threatened to strangle the company's lawyer. (He seriously deserves it for another hair-pulling incident.)

I feel like I should feel bad, but not a whit. Someone tried to fucking blow me up!

I do not know what I did to make Santa so happy with me.

I had a dream that I was dating David McCallum as Ducky, but he rejected me for not being skinny or smart enough. I have found out the difference between being a girl and a woman because instead of waking up sad, I woke up awfully indignant.

Last night I had a dream that I was at a party and was still irritated so I blew off Ducky and ran off with Severus Snape.

Severus was a better kisser anyway, and having a secret rendezvous under the invisability cloak should have been made a fandom trope a decade ago.

:: fans self ::


Jessica Jones Season 1 Review Spoiler-ish

Finished with Jessica Jones. Totally rec it, but for what reasons, I'm torn.
Read more...Collapse )
So, I really enjoyed the show, but David Tennant made me feel dirty and I'm still not sure if it's in a good or bad way, but I liked it.

Also: I find this very strange because I was not at all attracted to Ten in the least. Eleven? Oh yes! Capaldi? I'm sure I could wreck some sturdy furniture with that man. But Ten? Uh... I'd want him for my wacky cousin and he's a cutie, but sexy? Noooooo.....

TV: Jessica Jones 1-3 Review

Copied from Facebook:

ok, so Mark started watching Jessica Jones last night and I know about it and you all know how I heckle everything, and this was particularly amazing, so here goes:

David Tennant is a superhuman with mind control. WAIT!!! Scratch that. David Tennant is a rapist that uses mind control. The reason that has been changed is because instead of collecting money, power, fame, etc. he uses his powers to get laid and to get revenge on anyone preventing him from getting laid.

Please do not tell me that 'oh, well he uses his 'girlfriends' for doing bad things... Well guess what? So do a lot of guys and they don't have to be superhuman, so as far as I can tell David Tennant's abilities are centered around the lonliness of his crotch. Maybe that's why everything's purple.

Jessica Jones is a TV show about David Tennants magic dick.
While being unintentionally hilarious, its not doing what it set out to do. They try to offset everything by adding seriously creepy rapey scenes to make you feel bad about it and I'm not sure it's enough to make it work.

It's like watching David Bowie in Labyrinth and knowing he's a kidnapper and a rapist and STILL getting a cocky grin on your face whenever that package swaggers into the room.

It's Labyrinth for Grownups without Bowie's package and with David Tennants purple magic wang.

Of course I'm going to keep watching. ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!


In the middle of chaos and WTFery:

"So, I found out I'm Jewish."
"That's great!"
"Now you can work in Hollywood!"

::headdesk:: LOL!


I just did something completely wrong with Marriage Law. I may cut it. Part of me wants to post it before I change my mind.
I've decided that the Downton Abbey version of Hermione/Snape is Septimus/Edith.

She really does need to have someone with street smarts to look after her. Her men are far too delicate.

They need to make a crime fighting team with Thomas as the nanny.

I would watch the shit out of that show.

Coming Soon:

I am getting sick of hearing moaning about Dumbledore and leaving a baby on a doorstep.

It's a British effing trope. It was a magical kidnap-cold-poop-hungry proof basket.


When JKR was writing the first book it wasn't supposed to be a literary masterpiece, it was a book about magic and she wrote it in a coffeeshop.

No one leaves babies on doorsteps. They did it on Call the Midwife once and the people in the show were hysterical.

Seriously, the only other option was to have him grow up at Hogwarts and he would have been playing with a baby basilisk by the time he was four.

Sep. 4th, 2015

I had a dream last night where Pat called to say his death had been faked and he was in Poland, secretly, for the US government because of the cold war.

Then he came to visit and looked like a redhead I dated years ago. I told him he couldn't be Pat because his freckles hadn't been configured correctly.

Gotta love stress dreams.

Oh, jeez...

Only I could go to the wrong house for the rental agency, stay for an hour and make a new fandom friend LOL!

We're like moths and we're all on fire. Muahahahaha!!!


Chapter 50 of Marriage Law is done. Someone reminded me that I haven't had much smut lately, and I tried to write it, I really did, but it ended up being married sex. While that is usually better than smutty sex, it doesn't look like it on the page. hmmm...


I edited Skulking for fanfiction.net. The original needs to go up on AO3. People are crying for it LOL! Those little foxes get everyone!


The one-shot I wrote a couple days ago has been pecking at the back of my mind. It's practically original fiction. I started tinkering with it, then had a big glass of wine, ripped it to shreds, cussed it out, and put it back together. It has promise.


I'm leaving for California on the 24th. I am already panicking. I talked to my shrink today.


In the last 7 days I have lost 2 fandom people, one RL person, and an uncle. What the hell is going on?!

I posted Fic today!!


For the Long-Lost Hogwarts letter challenge. I don't know how it turned into horror. I blame it on reading that Minnow Bly book yesterday. Rated Teen.

OH, God, I am Penny!!!

So, I have bits and bobs I make on Etsy and I sell a couple to Mark's brother and that's it.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday I was asked if I could make 200 of one design for a wedding.

That would mean a million billion dollars.

I'm feeling faint.

Oh, slutty kitchen table, you are getting closer to me!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

(If you don't know, Mark thinks I'm an awful organizer and hired one. She is awesomsauce. However I get to restyle the ENTIRE house. I have found a sexy kitchen table that is just asking to be put in my kitchen nook, but it is $800, which is obscene.)
I updated Marriage Law, finally :D


I don't know where it came from, but I'm glad it's back/





Holy Crap

In four hours I will officially have a Mr. Tesh.

I am crying and spazzing out and I can't stop. I promised I would be fine with everything and I wouldn't get funny, and I've held it all in until today and now I can't stop.

For some reason I'm crying over Pat, and I'm crying that Salem is still missing, and I'm crying because literally all the people that will be there for my side is my shrink. Honest to God. Everyone else is injured and broke, which is totally no ones fault.

And I want you guys there!



Um... Woah....

So, I'm always sleepy and achy. Pat and me used to have huge fights over it. He called me lazy. I insisted I'm normal and then all of a sudden I'm wiped and have to sleep NOW.

I got a rash on my nose. It's been going on for quite a while and I finally got in to a dermatologist. They took some testing. At one point they had like 7 doctors in my room to look at me nose.

I should have known something was wrong, but they're a teaching hospital so I didn't think anything of it. I should have.

Call, Dr. House. It is Lupus.

They don't know how long it's been eating at me. They don't know if any of my organs have already been damaged. They can't tell me ANYTHING more until March. I could be dead by March, I'm not going to lie.

Mark gave me my engagement ring. I'm wearing it, but we don't know if I'd get better health care on my own or with his coverage, so we don't know what kind of wedding we're going to have. It just might be a religious ceremony without papers to complicate things.

I could live 20 years or I could die next week. What the hell am I supposed to do with myself?

I know, I know, finish Marriage Law LOL!

I DO understand that I'm being terribly melodramatic and I'm probably not going to kick it anytime soon, but they can't see me again until March! I'm allowed to staple the back of my hand to my forehead for a week. And we called all over and no one can see me until then, so I'm, all wound up.

Mark hired me to be a ghostwriter for a book he's been planning forever, so I've been tinkering with that. Then last week something just clicked and I started writing and drawing all day. It's like Marriage Law all over again.

The jittery nervousness actually does wonders for my writing. I'm officially a spaz.

We're going to start going to cons more often. I might start cosplaying, and not just as Nymeria the Sexy Direwolf. No time like the present to start doing all the stuff on my to-do list.


What's Going on with WIKTT?

I posted a notice about Marriage Law being updated, on WIKTT, and I just got a notice that in 14 days it hadn't been approved and is bouncing back to me.

What the fuck?!?!


I just realized I can't deal with Snape as a rockstar fic because it reminds me of Steve Vai and I can't stop giggling.

In other news: Steve Vai is a Slytherin...



Well, I decided to move all the covers to my fanfic over to ff.net so they're the same all over. So far I've found 6 stories not on my ff.net page. They need to be posted.

Every time I start trying to organize everything it's so much work!

Marriage Law Has Been Updated


I know, I know. Hell must have frozen over....
I just realized that if you count the epilogue, the HP books end with Harry at the same age Snape was in book 1.

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