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Oh, jeez...

Only I could go to the wrong house for the rental agency, stay for an hour and make a new fandom friend LOL!

We're like moths and we're all on fire. Muahahahaha!!!


Chapter 50 of Marriage Law is done. Someone reminded me that I haven't had much smut lately, and I tried to write it, I really did, but it ended up being married sex. While that is usually better than smutty sex, it doesn't look like it on the page. hmmm...


I edited Skulking for The original needs to go up on AO3. People are crying for it LOL! Those little foxes get everyone!


The one-shot I wrote a couple days ago has been pecking at the back of my mind. It's practically original fiction. I started tinkering with it, then had a big glass of wine, ripped it to shreds, cussed it out, and put it back together. It has promise.


I'm leaving for California on the 24th. I am already panicking. I talked to my shrink today.


In the last 7 days I have lost 2 fandom people, one RL person, and an uncle. What the hell is going on?!

Tags: death, fanfiction, friends, marriage law, original fic, real life, writing
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