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Jessica Jones Season 1 Review Spoiler-ish

Finished with Jessica Jones. Totally rec it, but for what reasons, I'm torn.

Most realistic portrayal of rape and the aftermath, ever. Props to the writers, holy cow!

I had to look at Mr. Tesh at one point and point out that she was like me in high school.
"You were an alchoholic?"
"I didn't have to be. I was naturally that mad."

Which led to tender hugs and assurances that I am sweet and not scary at all, even if I'm still growly.  >:(
I love this grumpy little girl! And her fuzzy little friend. I love his hair.
Sisterly love ala Frozen that's been through the fanfic grinder = LOVE!

Mr. Tesh agrees with me that the 2nd half of the season could have been AU Frozen fanfic, and the cute former junkie guy is the reindeer. WIN!
David Tennant is still wonderful and dressed like an updated version of Eight. Purple suits always make me think of Eight because a friend had a poster that made the jacket look like it was purple velvet. He looked like a Dark Mirror Willy Wonka, seriously, what was my teenage self supposed to do except kick into overdrive? It makes me want to fangirl over Doctor Who. He did a very good job as a bad guy if you can look past that. It's sad that I can't, but my Doctor is Eight, so I'm just doomed to giggle whenever he comes on screen.

I'm very well aware that this makes me A Bad Person.

By the end the fanfic title was David Tennant and his Magical Purple Peen Aren't Nearly as Clever as They Should Be.
The subtitle was: He Will Make You Feel Bad for Thinking He is Sexy, But He is and I'm Not Sure Who's to Blame.
Working Title: Foiled by Earplugs.
Sequel Pitch: If You Like Bitchy Women I Can Give You Sass, You Silly Man! RAWR!

I must be evil because my view was the same as that one person who was seriously confused as to what Kilgrave was doing with his life and Mark gave me The Look that told me that Teh Ebil! was showing and I needed to tuck it away. I probably shouldn't have laughed, but seriously, I said the same thing last night.
So, I really enjoyed the show, but David Tennant made me feel dirty and I'm still not sure if it's in a good or bad way, but I liked it.

Also: I find this very strange because I was not at all attracted to Ten in the least. Eleven? Oh yes! Capaldi? I'm sure I could wreck some sturdy furniture with that man. But Ten? Uh... I'd want him for my wacky cousin and he's a cutie, but sexy? Noooooo.....
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