Not the one (teshara) wrote,
Not the one

What the Everloving FUCK?!?!?!?!?!

So me and Mark went to a house showing on Thursday. Got there, house had been burgled by previous tenants. They broke pipes in the basement and tried to flood the house, but it all went down a drain. We knew that.

Today I go by and the handyman's there and I talk to him and he starts telling me how lucky we were. I'm totally confused.

Turns out they broke the gas main and tried to rig it up so the house would explode. When we turned on the lights it was supposed to make a spark and we're supposed to be dead.

I am so upset and angry and want to hunt these people down, but Mark has reminded me that tribal warfare has been outlawed and if I go full valkyrie I'd probably get arrested.

I say this will out the perps and get them in the news for what they did so everyone will know, we have no children to embarrass, and I'm really ready to sucker punch some asshat.

So angry I cussed everyone that I possibly could and get away with it. I threatened to strangle the company's lawyer. (He seriously deserves it for another hair-pulling incident.)

I feel like I should feel bad, but not a whit. Someone tried to fucking blow me up!

Tags: ka-boom!, loki luck, markc, ptsd, work, wtf
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