Not the one (teshara) wrote,
Not the one

I was thinking about why I didn't really like Star Wars, and the deal was, it was episode 5 and I despised prequels. Nothing was explained, and I couldn't understand how the eff a monarchy was supposed to work in space when it was obvious the princess had less power than a grasshopper and there were no rulers above her. Princess of what? Nothing, that's what.

When I was older my first experience with the fandom was a friend that had a crush on me writing me as a self-insert Mary-Sue into his fanfic. It started with a shower scene. No joke.

I will make allowances for Ewoks because they are secretly Guernevillians (From guerneville, in Ca.) and Warwick Davis is Wickett. I saw him in his costume with his head off on the Making of Return of the Jedi on TV and lost my mind. All those lovely red curls.

So, I will probably see a pirated version of the movie this weekend because I can't do the theaters at the best of times, let alone when it's going to be that crazypants insane. I'm sure Mark will tell me all about it.

But I will say, I love Leia and her outfit. Now she looks like a bloody rebel princess. I bet she outshoots Han. I bet it turns him on.

Uh oh.

You know, this is how the Harry Potter thing got started...

Tags: star wars 2015
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