Not the one (teshara) wrote,
Not the one


I have a recurring dream about war and protecting my family who wont listen to orders. It's always out at Grandmas house. I've had them for years.

So, when a dream starts out at grandmas house I pretty much go straight for the guns because I know what's coming and it's time to get shit in gear.


I was very confused in my dream. This is not the standard plan. We're under attack. Grandmas is home base. We need to reinforce and prepare for battle.

"Not today love," he says. "Come sit with me."

And I slid into my grandmothers breakfast nook next to Ziggy Stardust as he talked to me gently about how to pilot grandmas house, because it wasn't a fort. It was a spaceship.

And I'm still weepy about it because I haven't had a zombie dream since and he was so terribly gentle and patient and in my dream I loved him so.

I know what Kyria would have made of this.

Gods, I miss her so much sometimes it hurts.
Tags: david bowie, dream, grief, kyriaofdelphi, spaceship
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