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OK, so I'm trying to get my shit together. My head will always be scrambled but I can finish all of my writing and clean the damn house.

The deal is I'm writing originals now, and they're as wide and varied as my fanfics. They do come with a hard dose of guilt. I don't think I can really concentrate my time on originals when I know I have some seriously unfinished business. I'm trying, and the book I'm writing for Mark is kind of like Harry Potter meets Game of Thrones. It was based off a D&D game I never witnessed and I was given liberties.

Which is how a member of the Tea Party ended up supporting and financing a book where one of the first characters you meet is transgender/gender ambiguous in a strongly gendered society, and one of the most likable characters reminds me strongly of Adam in Pricilla Queen of the Desert, he is Amazing, and he looks like David Bowie. Another is a womanizer who is like, the worst player in the history of the planet and is constantly avoiding angry girls. There are child prodigies, and magic, and sirens, and demons, and midwifery and I'm loving all of these people and their city so much. Mark is kind of boggling at my world building.

I was a meticulous DM. That's all I'm going to say about that. Right now I'm all 'hmmm... I wonder how the economy works in a city that's the trade hub of the world.'

But I shouldn't. I should be writing my story.

But I feel guilty about writing my story when I have unfinished fanfics.
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