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Back room is cleared.

Started to make dinner. browned chicken. Put in water. Started feeling ill.

Turned on TV. Watched a bit of a show on acid. They threw some bits of bone in a wash and I had to run to the bathroom to puke my brains out.

I'm the one that shook down Pat's body to see what they did. I watch surgeries. I like autopsies.

The pregnancy test was negative....

I got the packet from the transplant people today. They took his brain, his tissue, and his bones. They left most of his organs.

I read Pat's picture the letter they sent and listed off all of the things they took. By that time I was crying.

Then I got to one word.


Then I busted up and had to run around the living room laughing and squealing.

If you watch Doctor Who you'll understand why that's so funny.

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For some dumb reason, I trashed my cost list for the BPAL salt scrub. Now I have to do it again because...

==dun dun DUN==

I actually made scrub today. I know, hell has frozen over. They smell lovely. Thinking about candles. Does BPAL already make candles? If they don't, they should.

4 unscented,
4 The Floating Market from the Neverwhere series from BPAL,
4 Drink Me from the BPAL Alice in Wonderland collection.
5 Lady Death from BPAL

And that's just 1 batch. I have enough to do another, and after that, I still have bulk of everything except for sea salt.

Just realized they're dye free.While that can be a good thing, it would have been fun to put layered colors in the Neverwhere cups. Oh well.

OK, just tested them out. LOLOMG not for faces! The salt is too coarse, but it's PERFECT for feet and elbows.

My face tingles...
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Clue: Grimm Edition

Originally posted by hourglass244 at Clue: Grimm Edition
These are just the cards and the clue sheet.  I'm going to work on the game board next, but that's a pretty long process.  Also, I'd like to issue a special thanks to hyndara71 for all her help!

Higher resolution images can be found here.

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ETA: The game board is finished!  (As always, higher resolution images can be found at my Photobucket account - see link above.)
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